Francisco Carvalho

Hi, my name is Francisco and I'm a 2x founder and ML engineer looking for a job. Ideally, a remote-friendly research engineer role in an AI-safety-minded org.

Beyond ML roles, I am also excited about working on systems that improve the internet (as you would at e.g. Protocol Labs, or Mozilla) and I am passionate about tools-for-thought and PKM (e.g. Roam, Notion, Obsidian).

I'm looking to learn from a team that will let me combine my academic and engineering ML studies with my software and product experience to support research or a system in production. I'm sure I can help any team ship with my generalist skills and pragmatism inherited from handling operations myself in my companies.

I focused on machine learning and complex network science during my master’s. I split my M.S. between Tsinghua University and Lisbon, where I interned at the Spoken Language Systems Lab doing music information retrieval and wrote my MSc dissertation on Modeling the Recommender Alignment Problem, which I'm now turning into a series of digestible blog posts

I'm proud of having integrated RLlib with Deep Graph Library to train graph neural networks with RL for my dissertation. I'm also collaborating with CarperAI on OpenELM where I am building a sandbox to run generated code safely. I've also recently contracted for doing dataset-building, model optimisation for inference, and prompt engineering. (I built a demo that impressed Nat Friedman but can't show it to you yet)

I've co-founded two start-ups: threadhelper - a browser extension that turns twitter into a tool for thought made possible by 2 Emergent Ventures grants, built as a solo engineer - and Unigraph - a programmable personal graph database & workspace for data interoperability that raised $300k from angels. 

I've also worked for Memex - a browser-extension looking to serve as the annotation layer of the web - where I merged their concepts of lists and tags. And I most recently was an engineer at homebase, a Clojure shop where I extended a Datalog database with CRDTs. All local-first, open-source software in the personal knowledge-management (PKM) space. 

A pet research project is reinterpreting spiritual traditions through a physicalist or computer science-y lens. I think there's much to learn about psychology and large-scale coordination by grounding these traditions in a contemporary worldview. I also play the guitar-bass in a math rock band and have gotten pretty good at smash bros lately.


Please contact me at: