Francisco Carvalho

Hi, my name is Francisco and I'm a 2x founder and ML engineer looking for a job. Ideally at the intersection of personal-knowledge management (tools for thought) and ML. I have a preference for remote but would move for the right job.

I'm looking for a dynamic team that will allow me to combine ML research and engineering with my software and product experience. I'm sure I can help any team ship with generalist flexibility and pragmatism from handling operations myself in my start-ups.

I focused on machine learning and complex network science during my master’s. I split my M.S. between Tsinghua University and Lisbon, where I interned at the Spoken Language Systems Lab doing music information retrieval and wrote my MSc dissertation on Modeling the Recommender Alignment Problem, which involved using graph neural networks to solve problems in evolutionary game theory.

Most recently, I've contributed to as an ML engineer in building large text datasets, implementing Whisper in FasterTransformer for inference, and prototyping ML-powered apps. I've also collaborated with CarperAI on OpenELM where I built a sandbox to run model-generated code safely. 

I've co-founded two start-ups: threadhelper - a browser extension that turns twitter into a tool for thought made possible by 2 Emergent Ventures grants, built as a solo engineer - and Unigraph - a programmable personal graph database & workspace for data interoperability that raised $300k from angel investors. 

I've also done some work at Memex and spent some time at a Clojure shop extending a Datalog database to support CRDTs. All local-first, open-source software in the personal knowledge-management (PKM) space. 

A pet research project is reinterpreting spiritual traditions for modern ontologies with a lot of computer science analogies (I believe tooling from mechanistic interpretability  may have a role to play). I think there's much to learn about psychology and large-scale coordination by grounding these traditions in a contemporary worldview. I also play some math rock sometimes and have gotten pretty good at smash bros melee lately.


Please contact me at: