Francisco Carvalho

Hi, I'm Francisco!

Most recently I was a research fellow at METR, contributing self-improvement tasks to the task suite and  researching different metrics for the evaluation protocol

Previously I was a data scientist at Borg, a collective intelligence start-up responsible for Before that I contributed to as an ML engineer in building large text datasets, optimizing LLMs for inference, and prototyping ML-powered apps. And before that I collaborated with CarperAI on OpenELM where I built a sandbox to run model-generated code safely.

I've co-founded two start-ups: threadhelper - a browser extension that turns twitter into a tool for thought made possible by 2 Emergent Ventures grants, built as a solo engineer - and Unigraph - a programmable personal graph database & workspace for data interoperability that raised $300k from angel investors, including a founding engineer of IPFS. 

I've also done some work at Memex and spent some time at a Clojure shop extending a Datalog database to support CRDTs. All local-first, open-source software in the personal knowledge-management (PKM) space. 

A pet research project of mine is reinterpreting spiritual traditions for modern ontologies with a lot of computer science analogies (I believe tooling from mechanistic interpretability  may have a role to play). I think there's much to learn about psychology and large-scale coordination by grounding these traditions in a contemporary worldview. I also play math rock sometimes and have gotten pretty good at smash bros melee lately.


Please contact me at: